Thursday, January 19, 2012

The one media player video wall

A video wall makes an impressive addition to your store or reception area. Video walls are something always noticed and you will catch the attention of your customers. However, creating content for video walls is by many considered to be rather tricky. But with the MultiQ split video concept, making video wall content becomes a piece of cake.

Full HD makes the way for video walls
The MultiQ digital signage widescreen monitors can be set to display a desired portion of a video signal. The most common way is to split a video signal to four monitors as is shown in the figure (upper part). The monitors are easily programmed for this task using the remote control that comes with each monitor. The setting is preserved if the monitor looses power or if it is switched off. 

Today, most digital signage is in standard resolution. However, the MultiQ media players support high definition up to 1080p (1920x 1080 pixels). If the signal is split to four monitors you will get a video wall consisting of four monitors each having a resolution comparable to standard resolution using just one single media player.

Using non-expensive and easily accessible HD video editing software (such As Serif Movie Plus X5) you can create a common video signal from four original video signals. This makes it possible to have separate messages on each monitor and to make an immediate switch to a common message that extends across all four screens by adding a transition to just one full screen video signal.

If you need larger video walls or other configurations, the video signal may be stretched across several monitors to your preference. Any matrix less than 4x4 monitors can be generated. Spectacular alternatives, such as 4x1 monitors in landscape or portrait orientation can also be achieved. By using animation software, such as Web Draw Plus X5, you can adapt your dynamic signs to any aspect ratio and video wall matrix configuration.

You can get more information on how to build video wall content in the MultiQContent Creation Quick Guide Part 1.

Release your creativity with MultiQ video wall technology.

Several MultiQ media players can share a common Full HD video signal.
Lars-Ingemar Lundström
Documentation and Training Manager, MultiQ


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